GY6 50cc / 139QMB Variator Locking Tool
             (for belts 669-18-30 & 729-17.7-30)

Does your scooter have a Chinese GY6 50cc/139QMB power plant?

If so, roadside belt replacement and variator tuning has just gotten a whole lot easier and safer. Impact wrenches are bulky and require a fully charged battery. The high torque of impact wrenches may possibly damage your crank threads and wedging odd bits in between the case and drive sheave can damage your engine case.

This tool can save you from having to call for help, or worse... a long walk. Never get stuck on the side of the road with a broken belt and no way to replace it again.

This new variator locking tool design features a quick setting of the locking cleat, and a steel dowel pin that fits in the existing dowel sleeve hole and won't mar your case. There is NO contact with the face of the case what so ever. The dowel pin has more than twice the cross-sectional area of standard bolts and is robust enough to handle higher torque. This tool will work on both the variator and flywheel nuts.

Once the dowel pin is in place, it's a simple matter of "jogging" the crank around and rolling the cleat into the "loosen" position, as shown in the pictures. The locking cleat has a wider face than stamped sheet metal locks, making alignment easy. Another inherent feature is that the cleat will fall right out of the way by turning the crank in the opposite direction, leaving plenty of room to work.

The locking cleat will be out of the way when the drive sheave is replaced. The crank is "jogged" around again to find resistance to hold it in place while tightening the variator nut, as shown in the pictures. These tools have been test at 60 ft/lbs (spec for this fastener is 40 ft/lbs) without so much as a mark on any of the components.

The total weight of the cleat and dowel pin is slightly less than an ounce. It's a win/win because there is a higher yield during manufacturing, shipping costs are reduced and the end user doesn't have to carry any more bulk or weight than need be.

It's the simplest, smallest, lightest and least expensive variator tool you'll find.

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